It was obvious to anyone who grew up with Bodyhaunt's Will Kubley that he was destined to create music. As a kid Kubley made an instrument out of everything he touched - if it made sound, he couldn't just play it, he could make it sing. He pissed his way through highschool and had zero desire to go to college. His parents, afraid he would burn out in their small Indiana town, told him to go play bass in his brother's band in Georgia. "I think they knew there was nothing for me in Indiana. They didn't want me staying there just getting high all the time, so they sent me down south....where I ended up getting high all the time."

Kubley moved to Savannah, GA, and dove into touring non stop, suddenly finding himself at the center of a neverending party. While on tour in 2009, he fell in love and entered into what would be a five year long relationship. The stress of long distance love and coming of age on the road took its toll on Kubley who relied on staying faded to cope. He recalls, "I'd try to only reach out to those who loved me when I was sober, which I never was, so I'd never call, so I'd become alienated from everyone, so I'd get depressed, so I'd get high, so I'd never was downward spiral for a long time. I couldn't get out."

Bodyhaunt's debut EP - "As Close As" brings to life Kubley's eight year long journey into sobriety. He fearlessly explores themes of transiency, substance abuse, love, and sacrifice with the dark-eyed clarity of someone who has been given a second chance. Surprisingly unjaded and genuinely welcoming, "As Close As" is reminiscent of Wilco and Bright Eyes in its unflinching honesty and midwestern roots. It serves as a beacon to all those struggling with their own inner demons that if they keep on fighting the daily battles they will ultimately win the war - a lyric from the title track best sums up Kubley's fight: "I hallucinate that I stayed in hell, I'm a translucent cicada shell, for years I've tunneled to break this ground, now I shed my skin, now I sing out loud."



As Close As

Off In the Distance

So Far

The Distraction

When I Get Home


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